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How to damp proof walls

We at Damp King know exactly how to damp proof walls so that you can keep the damp at bay in your home or business. Let’s examine what is damp and then we can focus on how to damp proof your walls...

Rising damp is the upward movement of ground water through porous brick walls. The water rises through the pores in the brick wall via a process called capillarity. Capillarity is an electro-chemical process whereby water particles are attracted to mineral surfaces, allowing water to move up through pores of a certain size regardless of the counteractive force of gravity. Most often the damp results in horrendous damage and you have to repair walls by applying some sort of damp seal directly onto the bare brickwork to stop further damage.

Here is some useful information on how to damp proof walls and how to deal with the damp in your home (as supplied by

“Damp proofing is quite technical and is best left to the professionals, but be sure to use an expert that is affiliated to the Waterproofing Federation of South Africa. It is much better to solve the root cause of the problem than simply to make a temporary decorative repair.

A damp proof course (DPC) is a physical barrier inserted into the fabric of a building to stop water passing from one place to another. This can be on a horizontal plane, stopping water rising up from the ground by being sucked up by the dry masonry above, or vertically to stop water passing from the outside of a building, though the masonry, to the inside. The most common material used it a waterproof plastic sheet.

We still recommend that you come to Damp King rather than attempting this yourself!

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We are so confident in our abilities and skills, that we consider ourselves to be the best roofing contractors in Gauteng! Roof contractors in Gauteng are plenty but you will not be sorry if you let us handle the roof repairs in your home. We at Damp King are the experts when it comes to waterproofing of roofs all over the province! If you decide to waterproof your roof, you will not need roof repairs in your home for many years to come!

Waterproofing your roof ensures that minimal water damage occurs which means that your roof is less likely to incur wear and tear, and you will be able to avoid those annoying roof leaks. At Damp King, we are considered to be amongst the leading roofing contractors in Gauteng. We know how to damp proof and waterproof walls and roofs better than any other company around. With 15 years of experience under our belts, we know exactly how to please our customers and provide you with the very best service possible!

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